The project

The “Project Manager of Sustainability Report / Integrated Report” – PMIR – Project aims to map and train a new professional figure in charge of managing the sustainability reporting process within companies. The Project was born in response to Directive 2014/95/EU, which, although addressing only large companies, represents an important step towards greater awareness of both sustainability and the positive values of sustainable practices, including those performed by small and medium-sized enterprises, institutions and non-profit organizations.

The PMIR is a professional profile with a cross-linking role between the different areas of business, a figure able to coordinate and implement the preparation of complex documents describing the company from multiple points of view.

This figure should possess skills in business administration, to interpret and evaluate the financial statements of a company, but also transversal, management, project management, as well as statistical and soft skills.

Once the professional figure was mapped, the project partners defined the training content for each area of ​​knowledge and the IT tools needed to offer online training to participants from different European countries. At the end of online training and after having passed the final exam, participants with the best results will be able to live a 10-days of on-field training experience in a European company with experience in sustainability reporting.

European Countries involved are: Italy, Germany, Norway, Spain, Belgium.

All partners are expert in the topics object of the project.

The partecipants

At least 60 participants for Webinar training are foreseen. Participants are distributed as follows:

  • 20 from Italy;
  • 10 from Germany;
  • 10 from Spain;
  • 10 from Belgium;
  • 10 from Norway.

Among participants, 30 with the highest final score will be selected for a 10-day mobility within a company with experience in sustainability situated in one of the partner Countries. More specifically:

  • From Italy:
    • 2 in Belgium;
    • 3 in Germany;
    • 2 in Spain;
    • 3 in Norway;



  • From Belgium:
    • 2 in Italy;
    • 3 in Spain;
  • From Germany:
    • 2 in Italy;
    • 3 in Belgium;
  • From Spain:
    • 3 in Italy;
    • 2 in Norway;
  • From Norway:
    • 3 in Italy;
    • 2 in Germany.



Participants are asked to possess the following requirements:

  • EQF level 6 Degree, as indicated by “Recommendation 2008/C 111/01/CE EQF” in one of the following disciplines: Economics, Engineering, Law, Political Science. Graduating students are also admitted, but they must graduate by the start date of the training.
  • Level B2 CEFR knowledge of English.


Equal opportunities and gender equality will be promoted.

All participants that will have attended at least the 80% of Webinars will receive a certificate of attendance to the course.

Upon return, participants to the mobility will receive the Europass Certificate of Mobility.


The training programme

Online training provided via MOOC and Webinars is foreseen for all participants.

MOOCs will be short video presenting the essential contents of the Webinars, to be attended in order to acquire the basic concepts of the training.

Webinars will cover the knowledge areas composing the PMIR Professional Profile Map. More specifically:

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility
  2. Regulatory framework on non-financial information
  3. Project Management
  4. Sustainability Reporting and Integrated Reporting: Social Area
  5. Sustainability Reporting and Integrated Reporting: Economic Area
  6. Sustainability Reporting and Integrated Reporting: Environmental Area
  7. Data Management: Statistics
  8. Data Management: ICT
  9. Soft skills
  10. Communication

for a total of 10 webinars, each one lasting 5 hours.

Webinars will take place from April 2019 to the end of September 2019.

At the end, participants will have to pass a final test.

As above reported, the 30 participants with the highest final score (10 from Italy and 5 from each of the other partner countries) will be selected for a 10 days on-field training experience at a company with experience in sustainability reporting situated in another European country.

During the period of mobility, participants will collaborate with the experts of the hosting company to the individuation and monitoring of sustainability indicators, by using the database of indicators developed during the project.

Expert teachers will develop training in English.

Sources of funding

The project has been awarded by the 2014/2020 Erasmus+ KA2 VET Programme Action “Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices” on the basis of the Provision of the INAPP National Agency Director General of no. 222 of 20 July 2017, with a EU contribution of 315,735.00 €.

How to apply

Interested applicants are invited to access the project internet page, section “GET INVOLVED” and register by providing name, surname and e-mail.

Once registered, they will receive an e-mail in which they will have to confirm the e-mail address provided and access the application area where they will complete the Application Form and will attach the following documents exclusively in PDF format:

  • Annex 1 Motivational Letter (to be prepared in English) with date and signature;
  • Annex 2 Signed Europass-format Curriculum Vitae in English;
  • Backside photocopy of a valid identity document;
    • Photocopy of a valid passport;
    • Backside photocopy of a valid residence permit.
    • List of exams taken at the date of application. Their admission will be subject to graduation before the start of the training.

Application is correctly submitted by clicking on “Submit”.

Applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Deadline for the presentation of the application

Applications must be sent by 28/02/2019 at 18:00.