Projects outputs

Sustainability, Companies and Consumers


This need analysis report sets the ground for the PMIR project. First of all, it provides the framework by investigating the legislation concerning Sustainability reporting both at an European and at a national level. Secondly, it analyses the most relevant contributions in the literature on the relationship between consumers and Sustainability and between firms and Sustainability.
Finally, it offers a significant empirical study on Sustainability. Three questionnaires have actually been administered to consumers, firms and firms with experience in Sustainability in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain. Results clearly point out the need to spread the concept of Sustainability and its relevance both at a consumer and at a firm level. In particular, it is interesting to notice that firms are aware of the complexity and the variety of skills required to successfully manage the process of Sustainability reporting, ranging from economics to soft skills.
As a result, the empirical investigation presented in the report strongly confirms, across all countries, the need to create the new professional figure of the Project Manager of Sustainability Reporting, which is the main aim of the project.
The elaboration of the Report was coordinated by University of Siena, Department of Educational, Human and Intercultural Communication Sciences, in close collaboration with the project partners:

  • Italy: Estra S.p.A. and OpenCom issc;
  • Germany: the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany;
  • Belgium: BXL Europe;
  • Spain: Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services ofBadajoz (Cámara Badajoz)
  • Norway: Euromasc

Qualification Matrix

Learning outcomes covering the requirements of a Project Manager of Sustainability Reporting/Integrated Reporting professional profile

The knowledge, skills and competencies for the main work tasks for a Project Manager of the Integrated Reporting have been described as aggregated units of learning outcomes under the headings listed in the PMIR matrix:

PMIR-U1 Corporate Social Responsibility
PMIR-U2 Regulatory framework on non-financial information
PMIR-U3 Data Management
PMIR-U4 Project Management
PMIR-U5 Communication
PMIR-U6 Soft skills
PMIR-U7 Sustainability Reporting and Integrated Reporting

The compliance with these units of learning outcomes is defining the qualifications of the Project Manager of the Integrated Reporting and will be awarded with the PMIR certificate upon completion.